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What we do

We are talent experts

We use our unparalleled network and multicultural worldview to help brands, agencies and organizations hire the talent needed to drive their businesses today, and lead it tomorrow.

We put our client’s equity and inclusion intentions into practice – 85% of our placements to date have been filled by people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and members of other underrepresented minority groups.

Together we are building a new public square where values-aligned companies and best in class talent can come together to realize their greatest potential.

We like to call it the Zocalo affect

zó-ca-lo (Mexican Spanish) a public square or plaza, especially in the center of a city or town.

How we work

The Zocalo way

Our tech-enabled process enables us to move at the speed of business with a purpose driven pace

The team

Our experience helps the companies we partner with reach their full potential.
Founder and CEO

Kimberly Aguilera

Kimberly is a recognized leader in the executive search space and a dedicated advocate for advancing communities of color and workforce equity. For the past 17+ years she has partnered with companies such as Live Nation, Elemental Excelerator and MoMA to help them achieve their full potential by placing the next generation of leaders.

Kimberly started Zocalo to have more impact with her work. Having authentic experiences at the ownership level is essential to changing the culture of recruitment.

She is a hands-on practitioner who understands what’s at stake for both companies and candidates, blending empathy and trust with efficiency and effectiveness in her approach. Kimberly is based in Manhattan and in addition to raising a business and family, she serves as an Executive Board Member at the Lower East Side Girls Club.

Director, Talent Acquisition

Danielle Tucker

Danielle is a strategic recruiter with experience placing talent in technical, non-technical and leadership roles. She is a collaborative partner to hiring managers and has successfully built teams of proven leaders and diverse thinkers.

Danielle has a passion for people and uses her ability to connect with others to understand company needs, research talent markets, and make long-term placements. In her spare time Danielle loves to hike around her Bay Area home and travel to new places.

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